ALL OF OUR CAMELLIAS are container grown in California, our Camellias will be shipped either in their containers, or will be balled and wrapped in waterproof material. Outside of California, in order to facilitate packing and eliminate excess weight, thereby cutting transportation costs, Camellias will either be balled or bare-rooted (unless requested otherwise).

Notice to residents of the states of Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Foreign Countries: All shipments of Camellias must be bare-rooted, and will be re-balled in peat moss, and properly wrapped for shipping. We are experienced in shipping bare-rooted Camellias and have found the above method very successful. All states and countries requiring bare-root shipment of Camellias, as listed above, must be inspected and certified by the Los Angeles County Dept. of Agriculture. The fees charged for this service are as follows and must be added to your order:

1-10 plants $18.30
11-50 plants $26.30
51-200 plants $44.30

Foreign countries please note: In addition to the above fees, please add $12.00 for the required:
Federal Phytosanitary Certificate.

WE HAVE SUCCESSFULLY shipped balled and bare-rooted Camellias all months of the year, but for best results we advise shipment from mid-October through March (we strongly advise against bare-root shipping after early March), during which time shipments will be made weekly. From April through September shipments will only be made during the first and third weeks of each month. Due to the holiday overload on shipping lines, we do not ship from Dec. 1 through Jan. 1.

ALL AZALEAS offered in this catalog are grown in No. #1 containers (approx. 6” x 7”) (some slow growing and dwarf varieties may be in pots approx. 3” x 4”) and will be shipped in same, or balled and wrapped. Azaleas can be shipped safely throughout the year. Shipments of Azaleas to states and foreign countries which require bare-rooting (or if requested) a charge of 50¢ per plant will be added. Notice to residents of the above mentioned states and foreign countries: An inspection certificate is required for all plants, including Azaleas. Please use the above fee schedule.

Notice to the residents of Hawaii: Your state does not require a certificate of inspection, but all plants, including Azaleas, must be bare-rooted.

We give no guarantee that our plants will live and grow, but we do guarantee our stock to be well rooted, well grown, true to name and properly packed for shipments. Claims for shortages and errors must be made immediately upon receipt of shipment and we will gladly rectify our mistake, but in no instance will our liability be more than the purchasing price.

Please note that our responsibility ceases upon delivery to forwarding companies and any claims for damages en route are to be made upon them by the purchaser. Risks and costs of transportation belong to purchaser.

WE ARE PROUD of our Shipping Department and we have countless complimentary letters from out-of-state purchasers of our Camellias and Azaleas. All stock is expertly and efficiently crated and packed in strong, lightweight crates and tamper-resistant cartons. Every order, regardless of size, is custom packed.

IN THE PAST years, we have shipped Camellias and Azaleas throughout the United States and many foreign countries with the utmost success, and feel confident that with our experience, our customers are receiving the finest quality plants, as a result of the best packing and crating possible. We are exerting every effort to produce the very best stock that can be grown. We secure our propagating wood from only the best type of plants, and by doing this, we furnish you stock that is the best possible for you to get anywhere, regardless of price. If you will give us your order, we know you will be more than pleased with our quality plants.