Please send your remittance with your order. We cannot process any order on which full payment has not been received.
(Sorry, we do not accept credit cards)

All shipping orders must be received in writing. Sorry, no telephone orders.

With first order be certain to use the special order blank on the back page of our catalog. Prices in catalog are subject to change without notice. Please specify the way you wish to have us make shipment (UPS or United States Postal Service). When no instructions are given, we will ship your order by the method we feel best suited for your location and size of order.

Notice to foreign customers: All orders must be paid in U.S. currency. To avoid domestic banking charges, please use an international money order. Also, be sure to find out if your country requires you to have an import permit.

California customers add 9% sales tax to total.

RATING CHARGES: In order to help cover crating costs,
please add to your order one of the following crating charges:

If your order is: .....................Your crating charge is:

$16.00 or less .................................. $5.00

Over $16.00 but not over $50.00 ........ $10.00

Over $50.00 ..................................... $10.00 for the first $50.00 plus 10% of the amount over $50.00

Please Note: Crating charges do not cover the cost of transportation.
See Transportation Charges, below:

TRANSPORTATION CHARGES are the responsibility of the customer; all orders are F.O.B. Altadena, California. We will bill you for freight charges when your order is shipped.

Foreign orders: Please add 30% of your order amount for estimated transportation costs. At the time of shipment an adjustment will be made to bill you for, or refund you, any difference.

Azaleas shipped bare-rooted, please add 50¢ per plant.

We cannot guarantee against weather damage of our plants in transit. Transportation companies, likewise, will not insure against such damage. We advise, therefore, placing your order either early (Sept.-Oct.) or late (April), or as your weather dictates.

To our Friends and Customers in the European Union and in countries observing European
Department of Agriculture regulations:
We are sorry to inform you that E.U. regulations currently prohibit us from shipping any Camellias and Azaleas into Europe. We hope in time that these strict regulations can be sensibly modified to allow once again for shipment of plant material into your countries. In the meantime, we thank you for your understanding.Nuccio's Nurseries Incorporated

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